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The primary goal of 13D Research is to find the asset class, market or industry group that will outperform all others in a given year. We actively explore many topics, but we identify only one to three new major investment themes each year, holding them for three to five years, or until we find another asset class or industry that we think will outperform.


How is 13D Research different from Wall Street research?

Time Frame: While most Wall Street research analysts take a 3 to 6 month outlook, 13D looks out 1 to 5 years. Because of this multi-year perspective,  we avoid the chronic myopia that compromises most investment research. Sokoloff believes that "the ability to filter out noise and short-termism is fundamental to maintaining the presence of mind which allows one to keep sight of the larger picture." Or, as Warren Buffett is fond of saying "peace of mind" is a prerequisite for investment success.

Analysis of Key Investment Themes: Unlike Wall Street analysts who spend the bulk of their time covering stocks in industry sectors--and marketing to clients--Kiril Sokoloff and the 13D team are able to detect and dissect the big themes that dominate investment returns.

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